Septic Pumping Olympia

Septic Pumping in Olympia

Safe, Efficient Septic Pumping

John’s Plumbing & Pumps, Inc has been specializing in local pump services for 60 years. Since 1957, we’ve been the go-to plumber to handle your septic pumping, no matter the size of the job.

We are equipped to diagnose and repair any problems that may arise from an older septic system with corroded, cracked, or leaking pipes. You get the best professional knowledge when you call us for septic tank cleaning and maintenance.

Regular Septic Maintenance

Regular septic service is an important part of maintaining a healthy septic system. However, it must be done right.

If a company is inexperienced or does not have equipment with the right capacity, they could cause damage to pipes, seals, float switches, or gauges. It can also become an unfortunate mess if the waste is not removed by experienced technicians with the right pumps and equipment for the job.

We handle pumping for residential and commercial properties involving:

  • Sewers
  • Septic Tanks
  • Effluent Pumps

  • Drains
  • Grease traps
  • Septic alarms

How do I know if I need to empty my septic tank?

We recommend you have your septic system pumped every three to five years. In most cases, this is enough to avoid the risk of sludge build up that can cause a septic system to fail.

Some warning signs your septic system needs to be pumped:

  • You see pooling water around the drainfield.
  • You notice a foul odor in the yard.
  • Drainage inside your home begins to slow.
  • The sewage backs up inside sinks, showers, tubs, or toilets.
  • The grass in your drainfield is more lush and green than in other areas.
  • Your well water tests high for nitrates.

Olympia Septic Pump

Fast Sewage Pumping and Septic Cleaning

We assist with every aspect of septic service, from septic installation and septic repair to pumping and cleaning.

As a company fully certified by state agencies and industry regulators, you know that our services are above-board and all disposal is done responsibly. We also carry an A+ rating with the BBB and have a large number of positive reviews on online rating sites.

We care about our customers and pride ourselves on excellent work in all our endeavors. That is why our customers rave about us—and they tell their friends!

Call or contact us today for any help you need with your septic or sewer system.