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Drain Cleaning Olympia WA

Drainage clogging can be an enormous headache to homeowners if not handled on time. Clogged sinks, extremely slow draining from tubs and sinks, blockage of bathroom drainage pipes due to debris, dirt and hair or toilet flush that takes more time will require immediate maintenance. Without such intervention, you may run the risk of falling prey to health problems that may arise due to unhygienic drains. It is thus essential to hire a company to do drain cleaning like John’s Plumbing & Pumps, Inc to handle this problem. Below are tips on how to choose the best.

Hiring A Drain Cleaning Company

One can begin by talking to people they know who have experienced clogging and blockage in their drains and had hired a drain cleaning company. This may be friends, family, neighbors, and even co-workers. Find out if they can refer the company that provided the service. Such information is dependable for the service had been once offered. One can also do an online search of companies providing this service within their local area. This will produce several companies that one needs to do some research on and shortlist potential companies to hire. Clogged Drain Removal

Credentials and Licensing

It is important to check and verify on the professional training and licensing of the company and the staff. A qualified and trained drain cleaning service will have the knowledge and confidence to handle any blockages, clogging of pipes, sewers and any drain issue that need maintenance. They also will have met the needed requirements to offer the service. Furthermore, they know how to operate in high-level of safety standards to maintain hygiene levels.
The company also needs to have an insurance cover for their staff and third-party liability. This will protect the client from being liable for any accidents that may happen while the job is being done and get compensation in case of damage to their property.


The kind of experience a drain cleaning company has matters greatly. It is important to ensure that the firm has the required experience and expertise to handle the problem that you have. They need to have skilled staff, plumbing equipment, and tools to diagnose and fix any draining problem whether a major or minor one.


One needs to hire a company that will provide an estimated cost of the service that they will be offering. The company needs to come and do an inspection of the drainage system and give a written fair estimate. It is important to ensure that the cost includes all the required expenses like the cost of the plumbing materials and other utilities like labor cost. Find out about the terms of payment, some prefer to be paid an hourly rate while others a flat rate.
Finally, ensure to have a contact. Some people would want a regular drain and cleaning service while others an annual cleaning. Make a choice of what you would prefer. Also, ensure that the company provides a warranty for services provided.

When to Call the Plumber

Drain functionality is essential to the smooth operation of your home. Every time you turn on a faucet, run the washing machine, or flush the toilet, your drainage system should quickly remove waste water without a second thought from you. But like any area of your home—especially one that sees so much use—drains can fall into disrepair.

1. Slow Drainage

One of the most obvious signs your drains need cleaning is their failure to remove waste water. Have you noticed your sink or bathtub draining particularly slowly? Maybe it doesn’t empty at all. Does your washing machine or dishwasher remain full of water when the cycle has finished? These issues are not just inconvenient, but they are signs of an obstruction in your pipes.

2. Water Backing Up

If your drains need cleaning, you may notice water backing up in various parts of your home, like gurgling in the toilet when you flush them or standing water in sinks, bathtubs, or showers. If you see water backing up through a drain, it’s a sign the drain needs to be cleaned.

3. The Smell of Sewage

A particularly unpleasant but noticeable sign your drains might need cleaning is the smell of sewage. If your drains become clogged, all the waste you flush or pour down the sink will build up and fester in the lines. In warmer months, this can become noticeable rather quickly. If you ever smell sewage in your home, it’s important to act immediately.

4. Fruit and Drain Flies

The build-up of waste, garbage, or sewage in clogged pipes can quickly attract flies. Tiny fruit flies may seem like just an annoyance at first, but they can become a health risk when they discover your kitchen and food. If you notice fruit flies around your home, there is a good chance they have been attracted by the scent of a blocked drain.

5. Strange Sounds

Keep an ear on your drains. If you hear them emitting unusual noises, they probably need to be cleaned. When your drains are blocked, water may be forced through small spaces or to change course. Often, this is accompanied by gurgling or bubbling sounds.

How to Clean Your Drain

If you’ve noticed any of the above signs in any of your drains, it’s time to break out the cleaning materials or call a plumber for more serious and stubborn blockages. Here are some steps you’ll want to take to ensure your pipes are clog-free and draining well.

Use Your Plunger

It is possible to force out something blocking a fixture by using a plunger. A plunger is intended to free clogs from a toilet fixture and should not use used on other fixtures. Excessive force on smaller drain lines can cause the lines to become damaged or break. .

Get Rid of Grease

Not every blocked drain is caused by hair, debris, or other pieces of solid matter. Grease is a common culprit, especially in kitchen sinks, which are often on the same drain lines as laundry rooms. The best policy is to NEVER pour grease down a drain.

Use of Chemical Drain Cleaners

There are a variety of over-the-counter drain cleaning products available on the market. Our best advice is to avoid them at all costs. The chemicals in these products are harsh and often lead to damage to your pipes. To keep your drains and pipes in tip-top condition, perform regular maintenance.



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