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Well Water Pumps Olympia

Why Choose John’s Plumbing & Pumps for your Olympia Well Water system?

John’s has been repairing, servicing, and installing water well system pumps for 50 years. Working with Residential, commercial, and industrial pumps of every kind are truly our specialty. Our expert plumbing services work with the highest quality product lines in the industry and offer first-rate warranties. Our extensive knowledge of water pump parts ensures that you’ll be building or updating your water supply with long-lasting materials that draw high quality and high quantity water from your source.  At JP&P we can meet any of your needs with regards to diagnosing, servicing, repairing or installing your water well pump/sewage systems. We can relocate, improve, economize and even enhance your current system to something that works best for your family’s desires. We understand the benefits of having a private water supply for your home or business, which is why we take any service call seriously no matter how big or small the issue or update. Please call us for details and to schedule an appointment.

Some of our well water services for Olympia pumps include:

Complete well water system construction – our extensive experience with all types of private water systems ensures that we can help you plan where to install a water pump and determine which type of system is best. We’ll walk you through each step of this complex process to ensure the installation is understandable, stress-free, and as cost-effective as possible. Choosing a location to drill your well is key to hitting enough quality and quantity water. We’ll  make sure to find the best location possible for your well to get the best use out of your water supply.

Well Water testing – It’s important to test your well at least once a year for contaminants and bacteria. When testing your well on site, we’ll also determine if there is any potential maintenance we can conduct to prevent future contamination. We’ll help you understand the results of our onsite or certified lab testing of your water supply and ultimately make suggestions on the most efficient methods for improving your water quality.

Getting the most out of your well water pump – regularly maintenancing your water well prevents risks to your water supply and ensures more significant and costly issues don’t occur down the road. JP&P will source and update your well’s current equipment with the best parts on the market to improve your well’s longevity.  From filters and tanks to electrical and drive systems, our years of experience guarantee that we know the ins and outs of all water system parts and how which ones will lead to the most efficient, clean and affordable system. Call us today for your emergency plumbing or regular maintenance needs.

Helping Build Well Water Pumping Systems Worldwide

2.5 billion people live without clean water every year, but making a difference in their lives is just one phone call away.

John’s Plumbing and Pumps has pledged a donation of $10 to building clean and sustainable water wells for every $1000 worth of well and pump services we render this year. We’re excited to help spread clean water to places in need, so help make our wishes come true by calling us for your well water pump services today!