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Septic Repair Lacey

Do you want experienced septic repair in Lacey WA?

Septic Repair LaceyWhen you aren’t connected to the city water system, it might seem like you have to handle everything on your own. While this can give you many freedoms—including the lack of a water bill—it can also be a problem once something goes wrong. Many private properties use a septic system to treat wastewater that is composed of a septic tank and a drainfield. And if any part of this system becomes compromised or stops working, it can cause significant problems throughout your property.
But if this happens, you don’t have to go it alone. John’s Plumbing & Pumps, Inc has experienced plumbers who do septic repair in Lacey WA and can work on any part of your system that isn’t functioning as it should.

How do septic systems work? Septic tanks work different from centralized wastewater treatment plants but have the same functionality. When water goes down the drain, the septic tank separates the solids and liquids. The liquid wastewater then moves into the drain field where harmful bacteria are filtered through the soil.

Why aren’t my plumbing fixtures working?

Because of the way that septic tanks work, there is the possibility for the drainfield to become too full. When this happens, any additional water doesn’t have anywhere to go, and so stays within your pipes. This means that any additional water added from your sinks or toilet might not have an exit because the pipes are already full of water and waste. Often, an overloaded drainage field will cause multiple or even all of your plumbing to malfunction simultaneously, and if this happens, you should call our plumbers over to fix it immediately.

What are some common repairs you do for septic systems?

Because septic systems come in a variety of different configurations, there a number of potential problems that may come up. Some of them that we commonly fix include:

    Septic Tank Repair Lacey

  • Sewer Line Inspection.We can perform non-invasive, video inspections of your sewer line to look for anything potential problems that could cause complications in the future. Catching these problems early on can save you hundred, if not, thousands of dollars in costly repairs.
  • Broken Baffles. Septic baffles allow water to enter and exit your septic tank. If these break or get a major clog from something such as a non-biodegradable object, your plumbing might malfunction as well. We can replace your outlet or inlet baffles if needed and will inspect the rest of your septic while we’re at it.
  • Fixing Slow-Flushing Toilets. When your septic is having problems, it can greatly increase the amount of time it takes the toilet to flush. Rooter service can sometimes solve this person, but if not, it could signify that you don’t have any room for water in your drainfield.

What are some signs to look for to know that I have an issue with my septic?

  • Pools of water in your yard, especially around your septic tank.
  • Strange, bad smells present in your property.
  • Toilets or drains that take a long time to drain, even after using a drain cleaner.
  • Sewage appearing in your yard. This can be dangerous and should be rectified right away.

It’s recommended to get your septic system inspected every three years. If you’re having any problems with yours or you want to make sure you don’t have any in the future in your Lacey WA property, give us a call or contact us today and we’ll come by and take a look.