Welcome to South Westside, a captivating neighbourhood brimming with culture and life in Olympia, Washington. Located just outside of downtown Olympia, South Westside is the perfect place to live, work and play. Visitors and residents alike can find plenty of shopping and dining options scattered around the area, as well as open green spaces for relaxation and leisure. The atmosphere in South Westside is inviting, and there are always exciting events and activities to take part in. It’s a vibrant, special community that has something for everyone – and that’s why it’s such a wonderful place to be. So come explore South Westside and discover all the wonders it has to offer.

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South Westside is a neighbourhood renowned for its closeness to Puget Sound. It sits on the western edge of Olympia and its western border is the bay, providing easy access to numerous water-based activities like kayaking, fishing and boating. Residents of South Westside are also blessed with gorgeous views of the water and the Olympic Mountains, making it an ideal spot for people who appreciate nature and the outdoors. With its prime location and spectacular views, South Westside is a great place to live for those who seek a connection to the natural world.

South Westside is more than just its outdoor attractions! It is also home to a vibrant arts and culture scene full of galleries, theatres and music venues. The Capitol Theatre is a historic gem, hosting a range of events such as live music performances and film screenings. The Olympia Film Society is a non-profit organization that takes pride in promoting film and media arts in the local area. The Capitol Theatre and the Olympia Film Center are both managed by the Society, and offer film screenings, workshops and classes to the public. South Westside is a great place for culture lovers to explore, with many exciting opportunities for art, music and film.

South Westside is renowned for its delightful dining and shopping experiences. The area contains a variety of local stores, from chic boutiques to quaint food markets. Olympia Farmers Market is a favourite among locals and tourists alike, offering a range of fresh fruits and vegetables, delectable baked goods, and handmade crafts. Other well-known businesses in the neighbourhood are Bat Dorf & Bronson Coffee Roastery, Bittersweet Chocolates, and Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar. There’s something for everyone in South Westside!

In a nutshell, South Westside in Olympia is an area that has something for everyone. From its lush environment to its lively cultural scene, this is an area that should be experienced by all. Whether you’re searching for a new home or just a fun day out, South Westside is the perfect place.

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