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Sump Pump Replacement South Hill WA

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Sump Pump Replacement South Hill Wa

People usually aren’t aware of their sump pump until something goes wrong with it. If you’ve never had to think about your sump pump, that’s a good sign it’s doing its job well. But if you suddenly notice excess water in your basement or crawlspace, that’s a good sign that it needs some attention. Whether it’s a worn-out part or something more significant, John’s Plumbing and Pumps can handle your sump pump services with ease.

If you’re dealing with plumbing emergencies (such as a flooded basement,) feel free to call us at any time. Our team is proud to provide quick service at a fair price right when you need it most. We work with residential and commercial clients alike, so whether you’re at home or at work, we can give you a hand.

Sump Pump Repair and Replacement

Many people don’t realize that their sump pump should be serviced or replaced every 5-10 years. If it’s been that long or longer, make sure to call us for professional plumbing services as soon as you can — especially if it’s been rainy lately. Increased groundwater means an increased risk of flooding for any subterranean parts of your building.

Having a well-functioning sump pump is vital for keeping your basement or crawlspace clean and dry. This has many benefits; it protects your home or business from costly water damage, which also prevents mold and mildew growth. This is important for air quality and especially for people with allergies or asthma.

Professional Sump Pump Float Replacement

Sometimes you don’t need to replace the entire pump and a partial replacement is the more efficient choice. If your pump is fairly new (less than 5 years old) it’s entirely possible that you just need a part replaced rather than the entire pump.

There are a few signs — besides a flooded basement — that can indicate a problem with your sump pump. Below are just a few.

  • Noisy operation. If your pump is making a lot of noise while running, there may be a worn-out or damaged part that needs attention.
  • Sump pit consistently full. This can mean you have the wrong size sump pump for your pit, or one without enough power to sufficiently clear it. It can also mean that your correctly-sized sump pump is overwhelmed, damaged, or worn out.
  • Irregular operation. If your sump pump runs constantly, or stops and starts suddenly, it probably needs a repair. Parts could be worn out and in need of replacement.

Regardless of how well it seems to be working, if your sump pump hasn’t been serviced in 10 years or more, it almost certainly needs a replacement — and you probably won’t know it until you’re dealing with a flooded basement. To keep that risk to a minimum, count on us for skilled sump pump installations, repairs, and other services.

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Sump Pump Replacement Near Me South Hill Wa

John’s Plumbing and Pumps can help you with any plumbing issues you have, big or small. From leaky faucets to broken pipes, we’re just the plumbing company for you. Your sump pump is an important part of keeping your crawlspace or basement dry, and a quick visit from our team is the best way to make sure it can do that job.

Our team of expert plumbers has over 60 years of experience handling both routine repairs and extensive overhauls. So whether you have low water pressure in your shower or you need your whole sewer line replaced, our team can help — and at fair prices. Give us a call to get started with any plumbing problems your home or business is dealing with.