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Trenchless Sewer and Water Pipe Repair Tacoma

Trenchless Sewer and Water Repair: Serving the Tacoma Metro Area

John’s Plumbing & Pumps, Inc offers comprehensive trenchless sewer and water pipe repair for the entire Tacoma metro area. That means we are fully staffed with licensed plumbers who can answer your call seven days a week.

We also know that sewer and water line damage can be serious and lead to potential health hazards if not quickly and properly addressed. That’s why we gladly offer emergency plumbing service for those situations that get out of hand.

Trenchless Sewer and Water Repair in Tacoma

How Do Our Plumbers Inspect Trenchless Sewer and Water Pipes?

Often, a sewer pipe is actually several pipes linked together. The connection point is called a joint, and this is a slightly weaker area where roots can infiltrate and cause damage and leaks.

You’ll know that there’s an issue with your sewer line drainage if your drains are slow or if there’s a backup. More severe cases are indicated by pooling water in the yard.

Our plumbers start by inspecting the pipe with a special camera that’s attached to a hose and threaded into the pipe. The camera is fitted with a powerful light and sends images of the pipe’s interior walls to a computer screen above ground.

Using video sewer line inspection technology, plumbers are able to easily see where and what the damage is without having to drill through concrete slabs or dig up the yard.

Similarly, trenchless technology allows plumbers to install and remove sewer and water lines without having to dig a trench. The trench is actually drilled out similar to the way a needle weaves thread through a piece of fabric – entering through one hole and exiting from another without disrupting the space in between.

Reasons You May Need Sewer Drain or Water Line Repair

Underground pipes are manufactured to withstand years of use, but they are not completely indestructible.

Eroded soil beneath the pipe and pressure from the weight above the pipe can cause water and sewer pipes to collapse. And in older Tacoma neighborhoods, we’re finding that this is more and more common.

Other reasons a sewer or water line may need repairs is simple corrosion or infiltration by tree or plant roots. In some cases, the roots can simply be cleaned out through a process called hydrojetting, but there’s still a good chance that leaks around the joints (where the roots initially found access) will continue to cause more extensive damage.

How We Fix Damaged Underground Pipes

John’s Plumbing & Pumps can clean or replace damaged sections of pipe with zero damage to your landscaping. How do we do it?

Here are a few options for fixing sewer and water lines without digging a trench:

Line cleaning

Line cleaning can be done either by threading a hose with high-pressure water into the pipe or using a specialized drain snake with a cutter head that chops through pipe blockages.

Even if your pipe needs repair, we’ll start by cleaning the line with one or both of these methods.

Pipe bursting

In order to remove damaged sections of underground pipe, the section can actually be carefully broken up and replaced with new material.

This is also done by threading material through minimally-invasive entrance and exit points.

Pipe wall lining

In order to install new pipe without digging a trench, plumbing technicians use a process called epoxy pipe lining. The process involves soaking a felt liner in an epoxy solution and cutting it to stick to the pipe wall. When cured, water will not be able to penetrate between the liner and the original pipe.

The plumber then pulls the liner through and uses a special machine to expand it inside the host pipe. The liner is then given time to cure and, once it sets, you’ll have a brand new pipe without any damage to your property or existing sewer system.

John’s Plumbing & Pumps are leaders in trenchless sewer and water pipe repair. Having problems with yours? Let’s talk.