The Upper Eastside of Olympia, Washington is a vibrant and inviting neighbourhood that has a storied past and a strong sense of community. Located just east of downtown Olympia, it is known for its tree-lined streets, classic homes, and pleasant local businesses.

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The area’s historic architecture is a defining characteristic. Many of the homes were constructed in the early 1900s, and boast intricate designs and elaborate decorations. Notably, Capitol Way and Legion Way are lined with exquisite historic abodes and structures.

The Upper Eastside is much more than its historic homes. It’s a vibrant community with a wide array of cafes, restaurants, and boutique stores. Every Saturday, locals and visitors flock to the Eastside Farmer’s Market for fresh produce, baked goods, and other locally made products.

But the Upper Eastside isn’t just about shopping. It’s a place where neighbours come together. The Eastside Neighbourhood Association and the annual Eastside Street Fair are just two examples of the many community organizations that bring people together and promote the neighbourhood’s businesses and initiatives. All in all, the Upper Eastside is a truly unique and special place to call home.

The Upper Eastside of Olympia boasts a unique combination of natural beauty, historic architecture, and a vibrant community. Located just a few blocks away from the East Bay Waterfront Park, the area offers stunning views of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. It’s a great spot for outdoor enthusiasts, with plenty of activities like hiking, fishing, and more.

The Upper Eastside is an area rich in history and culture. Take a walk and discover the area’s majestic old structures, its local businesses, and its gorgeous natural setting. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil afternoon walk or a full day of outdoor fun, the Upper Eastside has something for everyone. From casual strolls to exciting adventures, the neighbourhood has something to offer everyone. Engage in the local culture and explore the unique stores, restaurants, and sights. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day or an action-packed adventure, the Upper Eastside has something for everyone.

The Upper Eastside of Olympia is truly a special place to live or visit. With its combination of history, culture, and nature, it’s no wonder why this neighbourhood is so beloved by its residents and visitors alike. Come explore and see why this neighbourhood is so special.

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