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Video Sewer Line Inspection Lakewood WA

Sewer Line Inspection: Advanced Technology for Diagnosing Breaks, Blockages, and Leaks

Sewer line replacement and repair work can be expensive. That’s why Lakewood property owners choose the plumbers at John’s Plumbing & Pumps, Inc who offer video sewer line inspection and high-quality repairs.

Camera inspection technology allows our technicians to see what’s going on in your sewer line (also referred to a side sewer) if you’re experiencing a blockage, leak, or sewage backup. Homeowners also benefit from this service when they’re preparing to sell or after they’ve purchased a home. 

In the city of Lakewood, property owners are responsible for maintaining their private sewer line. That responsibility starts with knowing whether the line was installed prior to 1980, before PVC became the standard piping material.

These kinds of older pipes have the tendency to break down, shift, and allow for root intrusion, so if these pipes become blocked or severely corroded, the entire line may need to be replaced to prevent failure.
Video Sewer Line Inspection Lakewood WA
The benefits of using video camera technology to inspect sewer pipes:

  1. Significantly more efficient to diagnose problems deep in the system
  2. Avoids damage to your property
  3. More affordable than trench digging and full line replacement
  4. Locates, pinpoints, and measures the separation, break, or blockage

How our inspection systems work

Sewer line cameras are attached to a robust hose that is wound on a winch. Our plumbers feed the hose into an easily-accessible pipe called a clean-out and see what the camera sees by looking at a monitor attached to the opposite end of the hose.

The mounted lights and pivoting head of the camera lens allow us to get a full view of the pipe walls. We can even push the hose through any blockages, measuring their length at the same time. The monitor tells us exactly where the damage is based on how many feet the camera has moved from the starting point.  

This method prepares your plumber for potential repairs or section replacements which would require digging. The advantage, however, is that the digging would only take place directly over the damaged area. Eliminating needless labor and yard damage.

If the reason you requested sewer line inspection service was due to slow draining sinks and tubs, then there’s a chance that sewer line cleaning is all you need to get your system working smoothly again. We use a technique called hydro jetting in this case; another advanced process that allows us to remove buildup without damaging or having to remove the pipes.

Why Inspect Your Sewer Lines?

Sewer main lines get blocked or damaged for a variety of reasons. One of which is root infiltration from nearby trees and other large plants. When those plants get thirsty and aren’t getting enough from the groundwater, they seek refuge in water-filled pipes underground.

Tiny cracks or gaps between the pipe sections can be all that plant roots need to sneak inside and establish themselves. 

One root over time can grow into thousands of tiny tendrils that take up the entire diameter of a section of pipe. Sometimes a blockage this robust can be removed by hydrojetting, but in other cases, the affected section of pipe will need to be replaced. The roots not only cause a blockage, they can be powerful enough to burst the pipe, leading to more dangerous contamination issues.
Lakewood WA Main Sewer Line Camera Inspection
Other reasons your sewer lines could use an inspection: 

  • Sometimes, but rarely, there is a blockage in the city sewer system. This will cause all properties in the immediate area to experience drainage issues.
  • Aging Sewer Pipes
  • Non-Flushable Items Sent Down the Drain
  • Incorrectly Installed Plumbing Connections
  • Burst Pipes

Call John’s Plumbing & Pumps in Tacoma for prompt and reliable sewer line inspection camera service.