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Video Sewer Line Inspection South Hill WA

Video Sewer Line Inspection South Hill WA

Everything You Need to Know About Video Sewer Line Inspection

All Pierce County property owners are responsible for their own private plumbing. That includes indoor pipes as well as the lines that connect the building to the city sewer system.

When the underground lines become blocked or damaged, residents need a reliable, experienced plumber like John’s Plumbing & Pumps, Inc to inspect, diagnose, and fix the issue.

Inspections of underground sewer lines are common when buying or selling a property. Buyers need to have a good idea of the condition of the pipes so they can request repairs before purchase.

Since homes built before 1980 run the chance of having antiquated, corroded pipes, an inspection at the very least is the best way to avoid problems in the future

Homes built in 1979 and earlier had cement, Orangeburg, or clay pipes installed. These materials have likely broken down since then and will need to replaced with PVC or ABS. 

In other cases, sewer pipes need to be inspected due to some sort of blockage, leak, or suspected damage. Our video sewer line inspection technology makes diagnosis easy for us, and inexpensive for South Hill homeowners.

What is camera sewer pipe inspection?

Pipe inspection cameras give plumbers a real-time glimpse into the interior of sewer lines. They’re fitted with lights, pivoting lenses, and attached to a strong hose that can penetrate several feet of piping.

The device sends a live video recording to a monitor above-ground. Here, your plumber can inspect and even measure the distance to the damage as well as the length of the blockage or damage itself.

When the inspection is complete, we have a recording of our findings that can be saved and reviewed further if needed. We can even show the video to our clients so they also have a clear idea of what’s going on underground.

When we determine the problem, we work with you to move forward on the most economical solution. In some cases, a thorough cleaning of the line will solve the problem. In other situations, a small section of pipe might need to be cut and replaced. If we find that there are multiple issues within the line, we may recommend full replacement.

Our goal as licensed plumbers with decades of experience is not to offer unnecessarily complex and expensive solutions. Our goal is to find the best solution for our customers while helping maintain the integrity of the city’s plumbing system.

Video Sewer Line Inspection South Hill WA

How to Keep Your Sewer Line Damage-Free

Sewer lines are built to withstand decades of use. But they are not fail-proof. Taking care to minimize stress on the line is, however, in your control. And our plumbers can help you extend the life of your plumbing system overall with a few simple tips.

  1. Keep your system well-maintained by partnering with John’s Plumbing for regular preventative inspections.
  2. Avoid putting things down the drain that cause clogs and buildup such as grease, hair, paper towels, wipes, diapers, and hygiene products.
  3. Know the history of your plumbing system. How old is the sewer line? How old is the water main? What materials were used during installation?
  4. Know where the lines are and keep trees and large plants away from them.

Call John’s Plumbing & Pumps if you live in the South Hill area. We offer full-service plumbing 24/7.