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Well Pump Installation Tenino WA

The Well Pump Solutions You Need

Well Pump Installation Tenino Wa

Because the well pump is responsible for bringing water into your property when you have a private well, many problems with the pump result in having no water at all. That’s not something that you’ll want to put up with for long! At John’s Plumbing & Pumps, we handle pump replacement and repair, as well as installations in Tenino, with ease. While some of these issues can be solved with basic knowledge of electrical components and how your home system works, more often than not, you may need the help of professional plumbers to come by and take a look and possibly prevent future plumbing issues. Get the job done right the first time, and choose the local pump company you can count on! Call us today!

What Kind of Repairs Can I Do on My Own?

Some of the most common problems in well pumps have a drastic effect but a simple solution. Perhaps the easiest solution is when the circuit breaker gets tripped and shuts off power to the system. If you’re getting no water suddenly, check this first! A simple flip may solve it; just be aware that an underlying electrical issue may have caused the breaker to trip in the first place.

At-home DIY pump repairs and replacements often work for individual parts as long as you can find a compatible replacement and figure out how to remove the broken part and install the new one. If not–or if it’s unclear which part is the problem–call our pump experts, and we’ll handle it.

Well Pump Problems that We Can Fix!

As perhaps the most essential component of your well system, if the pump begins to malfunction, it can cause various problems, some of which might not seem related. Some of these include:

Well Pump Installation Near Me Tenino WA
  • Low pressure or pulsing water. If you have a significant pressure drop or your water comes out in pulses instead of a steady stream, it’s likely an issue with your well pump. This is often a problem with the pressure tank, and you’ll probably need a replacement. We can find a reliable one for your home system.
  • No water. As the most frustrating problem, having no water means an essential pump part has broken. If it isn’t the breaker, your pressure switch could be bad, the pump controller might have burnt out, or any number of things. Our plumbers can determine which part needs replacing, pick it up, and install it.
  • Dirty water or air spitting from faucets. Dirty water can be from an old well pump or a low water level your pump is trying to draw from. You could also have problems with your pipes and require drain cleaning. If this issue persists, give us a call to get the cleanest water.

We Do Well Pump Installations Near Me

Along with fixing well pumps, our plumbers can handle any issue with your plumbing, including the septic tank. The water must go where it should, coming in and exiting your property! Any problems with flow issues from clogged drains, leaks, heat pump maintenance, and more are not a problem. With our commitment to quality workmanship, we have gained a loyal customer base that relies on our decades of experience. Call us today, and let us be your complete well pump servicer!