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Septic Tanks Setups and Alternatives Tacoma

Leach fields and septic alternatives

A septic system allows wastewater to leave your home without seeping up through your backyard or getting into the drinking water supply. When you’re building your house and installing a septic tank you have several options available. While most people are only familiar with the traditional setup, there are also other alternatives that might work for your specific property. Knowing your options helps you to make the best choice.


How a traditional septic system works

A regular septic system consists of a holding tank that stores waste after flushing, plus a leach or drainage field. In the first section there is a watertight chamber that’s deep and wide enough to deposit solid matter on the bottom. The drainage area is a large field through which the water passes. It eventually rejoins the ecosystem after getting absorbed by plant roots. The large chamber usually features enzymes or bacteria that break down solid waste into a liquid that can then flow out into the leach field.

Why would you use an alternative septic system?

This type of drain model is very popular. It’s been in use for decades and thousands more get built every year. Some property owners opt to go with another method for getting rid of wastewater.Hhere are a few of the reasons why;

  • Space: A leach field requires a lot of space. In modern lots this is at a premium, and you might not be able to fit one.
  • Unsuitable soil: Not every patch of soil is appropriate for holding a leach field. It could be that the ground is too rocky, too sandy, or something else.
  • High water levels: If the groundwater below is too high, you can’t build a septic tank. This is because the waste could contaminate groundwater.

Alternatives to a regular septic tank

If, for the reasons above or for some other cause, you can’t put in a septic tank, you do have other options. The first one is a filtration model. This type of unit has a media filter that separates sediments from the water. You still need to install a drain field, but the added filter means that you don’t have to put aside as much land for it.

Another type of septic setup is called a drip or spray system. This septic system sprays the water out over the ground. It’s ideal to put onto properties that don’t have space underground, but do have locations that you can spray. You might set this up to spray over areas covered in blackberries or other growth where you don’t normally walk or have access.

What to do before building your septic tank

Drain Cleaning TacomaInstalling a septic tank is not a day project. Due to its importance for neighborhood help, difficulty in construction, plus overall safety and quality concerns, most jurisdictions heavily regulate the construction of septic sites. This means that you have to apply for a permit and you might have to submit to inspections at regular intervals. Many of these tests need to get done before you even think of breaking ground.

One such test is called the percolation test. This process requires drilling out several holes in the yard and seeing how well the water absorbs into the ground. If this test fails, then your chosen location is not suitable for holding a septic tank or the leach drain.

Getting the most out of your septic setup

Once you have everything in place, proper care is essential. If you take regular steps to keep your septic system running well, then you don’t have to deal with the hassle of repairs or replacement. Septic tanks have enzymes and bacteria in the first tank, which breaks down larger masses. Monthly treatments of added enzymes tops of the levels of these agents, keeping them strong and healthy. Conversely, make sure that you never flush bleach or other chemicals down the toilet. This can kill off the good microbes, reducing their effectiveness. If the solid mass doesn’t break down, then it instead builds up causing clogged drains and can end up rupturing the tank.

Where to get help building a septic system

You really don’t want to have to do this project on your own. Fortunately the team at John’s Plumbing and Pumps has the experience that you need to see your product through to completion. We’ve been in business now for generations and have a strong grasp of both current plumbing and older types of septic systems. Our services include the initial installation, as well as regular maintenance. Trust us to put in your new line, and to regularly check out the unit to ensure that it’s working properly.

All you have to do for a free consultation is to give us a call. Or fill out the contact form on this site. We sit down with you when it’s most convenient for you. Do you want to go traditional but are having some issues? We can think up either a solution or a suitable alternative. Our of team can work with a wide range of budgets to ensure that you get the performance that you need. Once you have us come out to get you set up, you can count on John’s Plumbing and Pumps for your regular maintenance needs, too. We’re available to pump the tanks, inspect everything and more.

Our services also go well beyond the septic tank. Call us anytime you need a plumber for emergencies relating to your home’s pipes or other plumbing issues. Do you need your basement pumped after a leak/ we can do that. Replacement of the main line? We can do that, too. No matter what it is, we’ve got you covered. The plumbing system is very much the heart of your home. Don’t leave it’s care to a less-experienced shop. Call John’s Plumbing and Pumps today to ensure that you get the best people on the job today.

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Septic Tanks Setups and Alternatives Tacoma

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